Pain Management in NH
Pain Management in NH
At Pain Free Living of New England our method is Posture Alignment Therapy, a therapeutic exercise program that eliminates chronic pain safely and naturally. It will transform the way you move and feel.

Why do millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain?

Our modern day lifestyle limits range and pattern of motion causing chronic pain, poor health and a dysfunctional musculoskeletal system (joints, bones, muscles, nerves). This lifestyle simply doesn't strengthen the right muscles enough to hold us in alignment as we move. As a result, our functional design posture is changed.

When the human frame is misaligned, there is extra friction on the joints (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles) and over time, this stress does enormous damage. Retraining the muscles to move properly again promotes proper alignment and balance.

Together, you and your certified Posture Alignment Therapist will determine the source of your pain and design a personalized program to target and correct it. Surprisingly, the site of the pain is rarely the source of the pain.

A series of gentle, corrective exercises will stretch, strengthen, reposition and relax the body allowing it to return to proper alignment, function and balance. Amazingly, the first day you do the simple exercises you will feel a difference. Week by week, month by month your posture will improve and your body will become more functional. Make the commitment and experience for yourself the Method's astounding 95% success rate.

Discover the many benefits of Posture Therapy: increased energy levels, improved posture and mobility, greater flexibility and strength, better balance, enhanced athletic performance, and Pain Free Living!

Eliminates chronic pain such as:

Migraine & Other Headaches - TMJ - Stiff Neck & Neck Pain
Herniated Discs - Stenosis - Carpal Tunnel - Shoulder Pain
Bursitis - Tendinitis - Back Pain - Hip Pain - Sciatica - Knee Pain
Shin Splints - Sprained & Weak Ankles - Hammertoes - Bunions
Calluses & Corns - Heal Spurs - Plantar Fasciitis