Pain Management in NH
Pain Management in NH

At age 30, I wanted health, fitness and energy. I started weight training and cardiovascular exercise. After only six months, I began to experience chronic pain in my right shoulder. The personal trainer I was working with recommended I see an orthopedist. The orthopedist sent me to physical therapy and gave me several cortisone shots. Three months later, the pain was still there and I began to worry.

My orthopedist suggested I get a second opinion from another surgeon. An MRI showed a bone spur on my right shoulder, so surgery was scheduled to remove it. This would be my very first surgery. I had never even been in a hospital, or ever broken a bone. I had been lucky and healthy. I was sure the bone spur was the source of my pain. I had seen it with my own two eyes on the MRI. The surgery would fix my pain and I could get back to my life and my training.

Little did I know, this was only the beginning. Over the next seven years, I would undergo two additional surgeries, work with six physical therapists, have multiple MRIs, spend months at a time in a sling, and take pain medications (something I do not like to do). I even travelled to Connecticut and Boston hoping the "experts" would have the answer. I was willing to go anywhere or do anything to stop the pain.

All efforts were unsuccessful. The pain still existed. What do I do now? I was depressed and afraid. Would I have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life unable to live the active lifestyle I love?

I was determined and would not give up. One day while searching online for yet "another surgeon", a good friend came to visit me. She told me about a new therapy that was now available in our area, Posture Alignment Therapy . I had never heard of it, but I was willing to try anything.

I was not disappointed. By the end of my first appointment, I knew Posture Alignment Therapy was the solution I had been searching for. After just two hours, my pain was greatly reduced and I felt better than I had in years. I had hope!

So why is Posture Alignment Therapy different from other therapies? Posture Alignment Therapy did not focus on the location of the pain, my shoulder. Posture Alignment Therapy evaluated my body as a whole: how I look, is my body symmetrical and balanced; and how I move, does my body perform functions properly such as walking, sitting, etc. The evaluation revealed that my right hip was elevated and rotated inward causing my right shoulder to be rotated inward as well. This was the moment I had waited for for so long. We had determined the source of my pain, my hip. The Therapist was then able to specifically design a program to return my body to proper alignment and balance.

Finally, I had the answer. I had the knowledge and the power to take control of my health and get back to living my life.

Today I am pain free thanks to Posture Alignment Therapy and my Posture Alignment Therapist!

"Posture Alignment Therapy gave me my life back. I became a Posture Alignment Therapist
to give you your life back."