Pain Management in NH
Pain Management in NH
The First Session
This is a 90 minute in-clinic session. You work one-on-one with a Posture Alignment Therapist trained and certified by the Egoscue® University. We explain how Posture Alignment Therapy works and how you will benefit. We are happy to answer any questions and address concerns you may have.

Together, we review your information submitted on the Online Questionnaire. This information helps us create a program that's right for you and fits your lifestyle allowing you to achieve your personal goals.

Initial and follow up sessions include the following:
(Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes)

Digital Photos
How do I look? Is my body symmetrical and balanced?
Four digital photos are taken (front, back, left side, right side) to assess your posture. (Please where shorts above the knee and a tank top or sports bra that are light colored.)

Functional Tests
How do I move? Does my body perform functions properly? Using functional tests (sitting, standing, etc.) and gait analysis (walking), the Therapist evaluates your movements.

Your Personalized Program
The information gathered from the assessment helps us determine the source of your pain and design a personalized exercise therapy program to specifically target it allowing the body to return to proper alignment, funtion and balance. Your Therapist guides you through each exercise so you can confidently perform them on your own.

Make The Commitment
Now it's up to you! Posture Alignment Therapy progressively changes your posture to relieve your pain. It's important to do your exercise menu every day and see your Therapist regularly to review your progress and you will experience Pain Free Living!

No Equipment Necessary
You don't need to purchase expensive equipment to enjoy the benefits of posture alignment therapy.

All you need are typical household items:

  • Ottoman
  • Chair
  • Pillow
  • Step stool
  • Stack of books
  • Belt
  • Rolled up towel

Our certified Posture Alignment Therapist will instruct you how to perform each exercise properly using these household items.

If you prefer, you can purchase therapy equipment at Just ask your Therapist which equipment is right for you and they will be happy to assist you in making the proper selections.